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xbox emulator xbox emulator

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X box sux and is going to flop big time kix ass very funny keep up the good work. Anyone who doesn't think so remember the only hting that matters is who is signed with the console. Look at playstation 1, came out 1994 and was #1 console untill 2000 (PS2) and now PS2 will continue the legacy. No questions asked. (nintendo will have market cuz of the kids of course) ok bye...

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Poser FF fans I swear

Dude I dunno what crack your smoking but FF4 is thee most popular FF ever, call yourself a fan? U should know that then, U should also know that 4 and 6 were re released in japan and we got 5 and 6, also they are rereleasing ff4 and chrono trigger very soon for PSX. And what was with the playstation knocking? It's only thee best system since it came out, and the system they have released 3 FF's on, and soon another few on the PS2. Are u on crack? Once again saying FF4 isn't recognized and they are sprites in the basement? rofl dude FF4 is fuckin' rad, stop snorting, also go play the Japanese version of FF4, it's translated and ALOT harder. Damn poser FF fans I swear..... 0 For lack of effort and knocking FF4, blasphamy man I swear....

Crono-walking-testing Crono-walking-testing

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No offense dude

No offense dude but you are blasphemizing Final Fantasy and flash at the same time. A. No offense but you have very very minimal flash skills, it's all stealing from square and poorly putting them to flash, same with the music.
B.I personally am a huge Square fan and it's almost blasphemous to be doing shit like this, tryin to make little games out of already made masterpeices. It's like .... why.... U won't make them nearly like they were already made, people know how to download emulators and roms if they want to play, just save yourself some time and make another FF flash, like an animated one or something, something new and interesting, expand your flash skills.