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The Final Task The Final Task

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I have to admit unoriginal people should be's like minivinilli, get original and stop taking other shit, it gets sooooooo old. Newgrounds becomes a contest on who can find shit people haven't seen and posting it. Really pathetic......

Scrotum 4 Scrotum 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the funniest submissions ever

I like how you made a series of these and made a very interesting climactic 4th edition, for anyone who hasn't seen the others this one makes them want to, very good work I commend you on a flash damn well made near perfect :P

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Dr. Demento's D&D Dr. Demento's D&D

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I am SOOOO Fed up with unoriginal fags stealing shit they found off napster or anywhere. COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS If i had it my way anyone that just used other people's work would all be shot, like the all your bases flash, that guy is jsut as bad as u, taking credit for other people's work, that was from Dr Demento on Kid's in the hall, and it was put into "The Summoner" video game on PS2, and u took the shit and put it on newgrounds...WOW yoru special 0 for u from someone with alot of NG exp.

Revelation X Part I Revelation X Part I

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I myself am a Christian, found it pretty interesting, though I would take a little more time on the next one, and make sure you watch your flashes when done with them and say "Will this make sense or apeal to people the way i want it to." When U make flash sometimes you aren't seing it how it comes out, make sure you watch your flash as many times as possible to make sure it comes out just the way you had planned. Good effort friend!